Greetings, if you are showing affiliation and ready to be more extroverted, this page is an authentic page for you. Your job will be to write articles (video games, movies, TV shows, reviews of things, errors of this site, things that should be added, educational posts, supplementary additions to posts, militaristic actions.) < Those are the main things that should be contributed and vigorous. Other than that, post anything you wish to talk about.

It maybe strenuous to be posting things like these.

Now, if you want to join; allow me to do the introduction and the conclusion.

Copy and paste these following question(s):

  1. Will you be active and show no sedentary movement?
  2. Will you be active in chat and during difficult times?
  3. Will you assist the websites and communicate with us through the conglomerate known as Xat?
  4. Will you listen to Jason17125/Junie17125, the creator of this site?
  5. Will you respect others’ properties and them?
  6. Will you show no hypocrisy and be equal with the affiliates?
  7. How did you find this website?

In conclusion: Contribute/comment your reaction to these questions and answer them individually.

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